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We offer specialized orthopedics to meet your needs

Nova Ortho and Spine, PLLC provides traumatic injury victims with primary care evaluations, care management, interventional pain management, and specialty consultation care interventions (orthopedics, neurosurgery, and pain management) to approximately 100-150 patients per month. Patients are primarily referred through a growing network of professional service providers such as other physicians, physical therapy, and chiropractic care providers. Nova is a highly efficient provider of Emergency Medical Condition assessments. The service model is designed to promote referral relationships, facilitate patient access, and coordinate administration. As EMC providers and early stage continued care providers, Nova has superior access to patient information to determine the validity of each case and manage cases appropriately. Nova brings to Cardiff Lexington an experienced management team with 25+ years’ experience operating primary, specialty, and ancillary care facilities. They currently operate seven regional offices well positioned in population centers through Florida. The Company has no dependence on CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) or health insurance companies (HMOs or Blue Cross) for reimbursement. Payor mix is almost exclusively comprised of automotive insurance companies, general liability carriers, and private pay. Management estimates the seven locations, most of which were opened in the last twenty-four months, are operating at 35% capacity. From pain management and physical therapy to minimally invasive and complex spine surgery, we have the best possible team of doctors and specialists in order to provide exceptional patient care and the optimum outcomes.

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Specialized Orthopedics to Meet Your Needs
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    Patients’ Testimonials

    I am so grateful for the kindness you showed me this past week. You truly went above and beyond towards helping me with my foot pain. First, you made time for my appointment with you on Tuesday.

    Jessica Smith, 56 years

    I was very impressed by candor and professionalism of my doctor. He reassured me and made my recovery plan easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks.

    Drew Higgins, 50 years

    My experience at Anderson orthopedic clinic has been excellent. The hospital itself is state of art, really modern and clean. The staff are very professional and accommodating. Very highly recommended.

    Terry Porter, 78 years

    A lot of thanks to all people who working with in this orthopedic clinic, am very happy to choosing your amazing clinic. Everything was perfect, the team working, service and special thanks to my doctors.

    Marie Parks, 41 years

    My doctor performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee. He was attentive and fixed me up. His nurses and all team members were always helpful. The anesthesiologist was awesome as was the clinical staff. Thank you!

    Clifford Fisher, 25 years

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    We offer specialized orthopedics to meet your needs

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    Mike Wycoki, PA-C brings over 33 years’ experience as a Physician Assistant to Nova Otho and Spine.

    Mike Wycoki, PA-C brings over 33 years’ experience as a Physician Assistant to Nova Otho and Spine.

    Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald is a managing partner and physician provider for Nova Ortho and Spine. Dr. Fitzgerald has more than 20 years of experience in the medical profession to include previously being a Respiratory Therapist, a Physician Assistant and ultimately a Physician (MD). In addition to his wealth of knowledge as a physician. From 2018-2021 Dr. Fitzgerald was an administrator…


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